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I have Socks on the mind…All Day January 22, 2007

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I have been day dreaming about knitting socks all day long. I have not done any work today. Not good, need to work! I have been working on “We Call Them Pirates” hat all weekend but I can’t get socks off my mind. What is funny about this is I have never made any sock before. I have no idea what I am doing and I am trying to learn too many things at once. I LOVE IT!!! I am taking it all in but I should slow down and really learn. 

What I have taught myself about knitting socks:1)   The Magic
Loop (Two at a time, toe-up)
2)   The Turkish  cast on (Toe-up)3)   The figure 8 cast on  (Toe-up)

I found this very helpful She has a great blog.


Now this is where the problem begins. I have been searching for the best sock to start with and I have found a number of them and now I want to knit them all at the same time. OVERLOADED with GREAT sock patterns! I want something challenging because I get board really, really fast.  By the end of tonight I am going to pick a pattern and start working on it. I think socks might be my thing, we will see. 

Sorry about not having any pictures yet. I don’t have a camera and so that means I have to rely on friends.


My Weekend Knitting Playlist

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  Thanks to everyone who helped me get started with the hat. I have swatched and steamed to see if my yarn will work. and… it WILL!!! that makes me really HAPPY! I still do not have pictures. I am going to my friends house to take pictures and upload them to the blog in the next few days. I don’t have a camera. 

For the hat I am Artfibers Nirvana  50% Cashmere/ 50% Silk

Until then here is my knitting playlist from this past weekend.

Saturday Morning by: Eels

Hello Sunshine by: Super Furry Animals

Smile Like You Mean it by: The Killers

A Lack of Color by: Death Cab Cutie

Specialist by: Interpol

Something Pretty by: Patrick Park

You Got Me All Wrong by: Dios Malos

If You Leave by: Nada Surf

Big Sur by: The Thrills

Little House of Savages by: The Walkmen

Trouble Sleeping by: The Perishers

So Sweet by: Johnathan Rice

Popular Mechanics for Lovers by: Beulah

Walnut Tree by: Keane

Maybe I’m Amazed by:Jem

Eastern Glow by: The Album Leaf

The best part of this play list you can get it all on one CD. It is form (don’t laugh) The OC  Mix:2


To Much To Load January 19, 2007

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Last night I went through all of my knitting and I have a lot, I mean A LOT! There is no way that I will be able to upload all of my projects in one post (I will try). This is what I am going to do… Every Saturday in February I will post a “Project Update”. Right now I don’t have time to sit down and write a long post.

Non-Knitting: if you are into tattoo’s I will upload some of my boyfriends pictures. He soon will have a website that I will be able to link you too. Also, coming soon will be merchandises, T-shirt, stickers, bags, prints, etc… Until then you can check him out at


We Call Them Pirates Knit Along January 18, 2007

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Last night I started the “We call them Pirates” knit along and I am knitting the hat. I don’t know why but I was a little confused on reading the pattern chart. Do I read right to left and then going back do I read it left to right? Or do I just always read right to left? Also, it only shows 32 stitch’s across and I casted on 128. Do I not have the right pattern? I have done color working before but I am not sure how to read this chart. I feel really dumb. I know that reading color charts should be the same.


Bad Blogger, Very Bad Blogger! January 17, 2007

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I am off to a bad start on blogging. It has been very crazy at work and in life. I have not had the time to sit down and make a list of all the projects that I have going and the Projects that “Some day I will do”. I am still learning how to upload, import, and add feeds (what are feeds?), add buttons (have no idea), add flicker, etc… I need to learn a lot to get my blog started.


At this moment I am knitting Badcaul socks , two at a time using the magic loop technique. I was going to take a class at in Oakland but I am going out of town for 3 weeks and will miss the class. So am teaching myself how to do the magic loop technique.

I love the yarn that I am using for them; it is call Nirvana, color #4, 50% Cashmere, 50% Silk. The yarn is from my favorite yarn store in San Francisco called Artfibers The yarn shop is right across the street from where I work and 15 min. walk from where I live (North Beach).

I hope that I can have all my projects started or not post with pictures on my blog by Sunday night.


January 16, 2007

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I have so many knitting projects going on and I always seem to be buying more yarn for more projects. I will be making a list of all my projects and posting them, maybe that will help with keeping track of them. I have a really cool knitting book that I mad to help keep track but I am buying more then I can make. With the list I will post picture of the projects that I have going and pictures of the projects that “one day I will get to”.

Non-knitting: I am new to blogging and I hope that in 2007 that I will be a GREAT blogger. I hope that I can make GREAT blogger friends. Most of all I hope that people will read my blog.

Truth: I did have a blog before but I only had it for a month, when I hated my job and never did any work. My old blog was called Trixy la Boom . It was a blog for my friends and me. I mostly talked shit and wrote about shit that happened to me on the bus or when I was drinking. I am over my white trash days. One good thing that came out of that blog is an all girl gang call Black Sox Mafia.

I will post later tonight with my list and picture of the projects that I am working on.


MY NEW Tattoo!!! January 12, 2007

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This is my new tattoo that my boyfriend did. I will post some of his work but I need to upload pic. Speaking of uploading pic. I need to upload my knitting pics. too.

This is a Miss Van Picture missvan_2.jpg